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Hello and Welcome to Hands of Healing Light!

I am Mber Rose Love and I am so happy you are considering booking a massage with me! I am a therapeutic massage therapist specializing in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Thai, and Phenomenal Touch Massage. I provide wellness massage as well as relaxation massage. I absolutely love giving therapeutic massage because not only do I get to make a difference every day by giving my clients the muscle and pain relief they badly need, but it also puts me in "the zone." As a result, you get a better massage!

I have been massaging for two years and received my training at Denver Integrative Massage School. I aim for mastery in massage with my continuing education in phenomenal touch, a relatively new approach to massage that came from Boulder and is now known nation-wide. Phenomenal Touch moves the body as if it is in water and it contains undulating moves to give the receiver a sense of fluidity and flexibility. It may be considered more sensual, although not sexual in any way.

Swedish and Deep Tissue are done on a massage table, with you, the client undressed to your comfort level, and under sheets. It feels marvelously wonderful as long strokes are on done with oil or lotion on your bare skin. Then Deep Tissue techniques are used to get to those pesky & painful knots that are usually what brought you in.

Thai massage is done on a mat on the floor with comfy clothes on. A blanket on top is optional. Instead of massage strokes across your skin, it uses compressions to allow you to relax fully. The reason why Thai massage is so effective is because the therapist is able to use their full weight on your body, giving you a deeper massage. Thai also is able to reach areas that are hard to reach on a table. You will also get familiar with Thai compresses: yummy smelling bundles of warmth that are used to massage you and keep you cozy!

More than anything, I am committed to you getting the exact massage you need. My therapeutic massages are always custom to what you, my client, tells me that you need. I start on problem areas first, and end the massage with your choice of the head, feet or appropriate requested area. I focus on "melting" knots and healing problem areas, and I get results.

My long term goal in therapeutic massage is to become an accomplished teacher in 5-6 years. You will be helping me to get there, so thank you for being part of my journey!

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you,

Mber Rose Love

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